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Divided into four main regions, Florida remains one of the most attractive places for adventure seekers. From the sandbars and coral reefs fronting the flat land of the Coastal Plains to the low rolling hills of the Upland, to the swampy subtropics of the Everglades to the carefree lifestyle of the Florida Keys, the sunshine and palm trees will inspire any trucking roadtrip.

When driving through town after town, it can get exhausting seeing the same old expressway and car in front of you. Keeping your eyes open and aware of the roadside attractions Florida has to offer is a great way to pass the time. Midway between Miami and Jacksonville lies the dreams of space - the Kennedy Space Center. As you drive past, try to catch a glimpse of the astronauts and crew working hard. If the Space Center itself isn’t enough for you, head over to Green Cove Springs to discover the roadside space shuttle external tank that survived the program.

Reroute your GPS to ensure that Homestead, Florida is part of your journey. Home to Coral Castle, the 10-ton limestone blocked masonry crafted by Edward Leedskalnin, has its own mysteries to this very day. If you get some downtime while in the sunshine state and happen to be in Clermont, be sure to check out the world’s largest monster truck safari. Here you will spin through Florida citrus groves and swampland for 45 minutes, all while in the company of alligators, poisonous snakes and snapping turtles.

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Regardless of your scenic preferences, truck driving in Florida has endless opportunities. Let CDL Career Now connect you to the top trucking schools in your area. Merge your career into the fast lane. Fill out our form and start today!

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State of Florida CDL Requirements

All CDL applicants are required to have an Operator’s License and pass the vision requirements. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age. If they are under 21, they will be restricted to intrastate (within state borders) operation.

Oral exams may be given in English, Spanish, or Haitian Creole with the exception of skills test or Hazmat exams. Interpreters may not be used during the administration of CDL oral exams or during any portions of the CDL skill exams.

CDL Class A Exam Requirements – To operate trucks or truck combinations weighing 26,001 lbs or more, and towing a vehicle/unit over 10,000 lbs, a Class A license is needed. The following tests are required: General Knowledge test, Combinations vehicle test, Air Brakes, Pre-Trip, Basic Skills, CDL Road Test, Applicable exams for desired endorsements

CDL Class B Exam Requirements – To operate straight trucks and buses 26,001 lbs or more, then a Class B license is needed. The following tests are required by the state of Florida:

  • General Knowledge test
  • Air Brakes (if applicable)
  • Pre-Trip
  • Basic Skills
  • CDL Road Test
  • Applicable exams for desired endorsements
  • CDL Road Test
  • Click here to obtain your Florida CDL learners permit brochure
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