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At CDL Career Now, we have a relationship with several truck driving schools in Iowa that offer a variety of CDL training services, as well as job placement assistance to those who qualify. Our CDL training application is specifically designed to pre-qualify the CDL candidate, assuring that you meet the Iowa CDL requirements and find a quality truck driving school in Iowa as well as job placement assistance, when appropriate.

Feel free to dig deeper by clicking the best Iowa city below to see a list of schools near you. Or you can fill out the application to the left and let us take it from there. Remember, it cost you nothing to apply! The important thing is that you take that first step towards quality CDL training and a rewarding CDL career now.

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State of Iowa CDL Requirements

The state of Iowa requires that you be at least 18 years of age to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL). You are required to provide proof of your full name and date of birth. An original social security card will be required. Individuals applying for a CDL will also be subjected to a vision screening and DOT medical examination. Before an applicant can take a test to obtain their CDL they must first complete the knowledge tests that are directly related to the type of CDL endorsement the applicant is working to obtain. Listed below are the different knowledge tests.

  • General Knowledge for any CDL Combination Vehicle for Class A
  • Air Brake
  • Passenger
  • School Bus
  • Doubles/Triples
  • HazMat
  • Tanker
  • Iowa Operator (if applicable)

After the CDL applicant obtains the proper permits they can then schedule a Skills Test. The test is conducted in three separate phases. The pre-trip safety inspection is the first step, followed by basic skills maneuvers, and finally a driving test (on public roads with a qualified examiner).

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