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Mountains, mountains and more mountains. If driving through interesting conditions excites you and your fear of heights has never existed, consider a CDL career in the most mountainous state in the United States - Nevada. With more than 150 individual mountain ranges, Nevada’s mountain peaks will dramatize your trucking route.

Admire the snow-capped mountains or crank up the air conditioning while venturing through the Mojave Desert. Stare out the windshield at the copper-colored mountains, Red Rock Canyon bluffs and the petrified sandstone boulders the Mojave Desert houses. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of Lake Tahoe or the Colorado River while in route.

You can’t forget about Nevada’s largest attraction - Vegas. Surely you can see all the billboard and casino lights reflecting on the dashboard. Don’t let your gambling intuition get the best of you, stick to your route. You will be entertained if you do a little people watching as you make your way down the 4.2 mile stretch of the strip.

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State of Nevada CDL Requirements

In the state of Nevada there is a minimum age requirement of 18 to acquire a CDL. Any person wishing to operate a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce must be at least 21 years of age. Also, the applicant must be 25 years of age to drive an over-length combination vehicle (70 feet). Applicants between 18 to 20 years of age may have the opportunity to be granted a CDL for intrastate commerce only and cannot transport passengers for hire or hazardous materials requiring placards.

The following are required when applying for a CDL:

• DOT Physical Exam

You must present a current, valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate or Medical Examination Report (Form FMCSA-649).

• Driving Record

When you apply for your CDL you will be asked to certify that you don’t have a driver’s license from more than one state and provide a list of states that you have held a driver’s license for the previous 10 years and certify that your driver’s license is not currently suspended, revoked or cancelled in any state nor subject to any of these actions. The DMV will run a national check.

• Proof of Identity

A current Nevada driver license, instruction permit or identification card is sufficient for proof of identity.  If you are not currently licensed in Nevada, you must present all of the following:

• Your Current, State-Issued License or ID Card. This will be hole-punched and returned to you with an interim licensing document. The new license will be mailed.

• Proof of your Social Security Number

If your number is not printed on your current license, you must bring a Social Security card or other official documents.

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