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Alabama CDL Practice Tests

A career in trucking begins with obtaining your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). In order to do so, you will be required to pass a series of written CDL tests to receive the proper endorsements, based on what type of trucking career you are pursuing. Don’t waste your time or money by failing the written tests for your CDL permit. Take our Practice Tests before you arrive at Alabama DMV facility.

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General Knowledge

Before you sign up to take on the Alabama required drivers test to earn your commercial license, test your general CDL knowledge with our CDL practice test.

Combination Vehicles

Test your knowledge of combination vehicles before you take your combination vehicles certification test at the Alabama DMV. Give yourself a passing chance before you take on the required exam.

Air Brakes

Practice your skills and test your knowledge regarding air brakes before you take the Alabama certification air brake test.

Hazmat Endorsement

Interested in advancing your career by obtaining a hazmat endorsement? Before you take your Alabama hazmat test, make sure you are prepared by answering our practice test questions.

Tanker Endorsement

Looking to earn your tanker endorsement? Don't take the Alabama required exam without preparing with our practice test first. Test your current knowledge and identify areas that need improvement.

Doubles and Triples Endorsement

Preparing for the doubles and triples endorsement? Pass our practice test with a 90% or higher and set yourself up for success before taking on the Alabama exam at your local DMV.